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Adjunct Professor of IE Business, AENEH


Graduated in Business Administration, at the age of 22 he became responsible in the Mexican city of Culiacán for the management of the “Clean Water” Plant. At 26 years old and back in Spain, he was the youngest Branch Manager in Europe of the Australian multinational TNT Express Worldwide, managing all international traffic for companies such as Ford or General Motors and receiving various awards and accolades for his efficiency.

For 10 years he was opening markets for that company in countries of Asia, America and Europe. In 2003 he was awarded in San Diego (USA) with the award for the No. 1 delegate of expansion in Spain and Europe, as well as the number 2 in the world, from the hands of Dave Liniger, the founding real estate leader of Re/Max. Already in 2006, he assumed one of his most important challenges and that would lead him to give a complete turn to his life: to take responsibility for the dissemination of The Secret both in Spain and in the rest of the Hispanic speaking countries. Since that date and up to the present, he has given more than 600 workshops, courses and conferences in Spain, Poland, Mexico, Portugal, Italy, USA, and numerous Latin American countries. This challenge continues to this day.

As a writer, he has edited four highly successful books: "How to use The Secret", "The Secret Map", "If you want more love, give more love" and "Plan B, 41 days to achieve permanent well-being”. Currently he is Rector of T.S. College; trainer and master's degree in Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, certified by the Open Univesity of Advanced Sciences Inc. of Florida USA; International Coach certified with the new NLP code (John Grindler) and Star Speaker of Biia Lab. He is a management and organization consultant associated with business development projects, growth, excellence, organizational development, change and innovation, having collaborated with more than 86 organizations.

His current and most ambitious role is that of Vice President of the European Academy of Neurosciences, Economics and Humanities (AENEH), providing quality training and advice to both companies and individuals.

He combines this role with the prominent position of Adjunct Professor at IE Business.

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Either you acclimatise or acclimate

We are not in the era of change, we are in a change of ERA

A study by the University of Oxford predicted that 47% of jobs in the world are at risk of being replaced by robots and computers with artificial intelligence in 2,045, or even earlier due to the pandemic.


How many people will lose their jobs to increasing job automation in the near future?


The phenomenon is not new, but never before has it occurred so rapidly.


Technology has been destroying jobs since the Industrial Revolution at the end of the 18th century, but until now, human beings have always managed to create many more jobs than we had destroyed with technology.


Can we continue to create more opportunities than we eliminate?


In this presentation I will give the keys to be victorious in this exciting moment if you know how to do it and terrifying if you continue anchored to fourteenth century concepts.




25 min

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