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Founder & CEO, Blackshiip VC

Originally from Chile, Bachelor of Psychology at the University of San Sebastián, Master in Human Resources Management, Diploma in Training of Trainers, Diploma in Quality Management ISO 9001. Certificate in Consultant in Stepped System of Continuous Improvement, ECLA in Columbia University and Ph .D. Directorate of Organizations.

Business trajectory:

General Partner and CEO of "BlackShiip VC", Erik Díaz has experience in Project Management, Digital Transformations and Open Innovation in the health and education sectors. He has experience in the Design of Policies and Procedures under Quality Standards, the use of the Employer Branding strategy and Organizational Culture. Leader in the implementation of Integrated Management Systems for Mining. Mentor in the global survey method for grassroots technology startups. Professor of People Management, Organizational Development and Advice. Synodal in Organizational Psychology graduation test.


Direction of Digital Transformation and Open Innovation Projects for the Health and Education sectors. Design of Policies and Procedures under the standards of the ISO 30400 Family. Implementation of the Employer Branding Strategy and Organizational Culture. Consulting, Technical Assistance and Training to more than 500 SMEs in the Antofagasta Region in the development of Productive Promotion Programs


Blackshiip VC, Horkest,Celsus Inversiones, Ipeth


Travel, read and listen to music.

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We are a private equity firm that invests at an early stage, with a focus on technology-based startups that have demonstrable traction and that seek global scaling.

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