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Founder & CEO, aaban

María Luisa García is an industrial engineer, master in telecommunications networks, has doctorate studies and has a Diploma in Senior Management, a diploma in Good Corporate Governance from the Institute of Directors and Administrators, and an Executive Coach.

She is President of AABAN (Andalusian Association of Business Angels Networks). She is a partner of numerous companies linked to the new economy such as Smart Protection, Bubocar, Openhealthcare, Innwelt among others.

She is Vice President of MasIndustria (Association for the promotion of the industry in Andalusia) She was the founder of Ad4kids sold in 2015 to the British multinational Superawesome Ltd and a partner of QaShops sold to VentaPrivee / Privalia in 2018).

She was a founding partner of Southup Ventures linked to companies such as Chekin, DNAactive, MOX, among others.

Additionally, she has developed her professional career in Germany, England and Spain, in the field of technology, having been a Director of Siemens, Lucent Technologies, the telecommunications operator Supercable, Auna and the DeSevilla Business Group, as well as Emasesa.

Participates / has participated in different boards of directors of technology companies, Associations and Boards

of Foundations linked to technology and innovation.

She is a professor at the EOI business school in the field of Business Models and seed investment.

She is married and the mother of one daughter. He is passionate about transforming ideas into profitable, scalable and recurring business models.

He likes outdoor sports, regularly practicing skiing, horse riding, hiking and tennis.



1. SmartProtection

2. Filmijob

3. Opensalud

4. Bubocar

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How I became a Business Angel and why you should start now

News of successful exits and sales of startups are becoming more common, and simultaneously the returns offered by traditional banking or the real estate sector are less and less attractive.


In this context, we should all focus on supporting recently created companies that will also allow our economy to be much healthier.


In this main conference Maria  Luisa will explain the returns and benefits of this type of investment, as well as she will teach the main keys to doing it with solvency and minimizing risks.




30 min

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Everything you need to build an attractive pitch

Saturday, July 17

Time: 10:15 - 11:45


Theoretical / Practical

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1 hour and a half

€ 90


* Capacity limited to 70 people

There are many projects with high potential and based on innovative ideas that, however, fail to capture the interest of investors.


The reason is usually not so much in the characteristics of the project itself, but in how its information is sequenced, structured and transmitted to build a high-impact pitch that clearly reflects an invertible startup.


In this workshop María Luisa will:


1) Unravel the keys to what is an invertible project

2) Analyze examples of success

3) Propose answers and alternatives to the proposals made by the attendees

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* You can only access the purchase of the workshop by obtaining a ticket for the event. Workshop only for event attendees.

* All workshops have a very limited capacity and will have to be booked a minimum of 30 days prior to the event. Subject to availability.

* This program may be subject to last minute changes due to the agendas of the speakers and external reasons outside the organization.

* All possible changes will be notified to all our users and buyers, via mail and RRSS.

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Can't attend the event in person?

We are a heterogeneous group of investors, with a significant presence of active businessmen who have ceded part of their executive responsibilities, liberal professionals, managers, former managers of large companies with a high network of contacts, with an international profile and accustomed to developing business in a global scope. The presence of entrepreneurs who have been successful in some of their business projects and decide to support new projects is relevant.

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