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Paz Calap began her professional career in the field of advertising and marketing to later develop her business spirit as an entrepreneur. She worked in advertising agencies and communication departments for brands such as Lladró, Laboratorios Alcon Cusí, Gas Natural, Deutsche Bank, Joyerías J.E.C. Career or Instituto Médico Dermatológico.


In 2012 she turned her career around and trained in the area of ​​personal development.

-Master in coaching.

-University expert in Mindfulness.

-Master in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming).

-University expert in String along with the duel.


Paz created in 2016 the eight-week online personal development program “I want peace” (, a method to know and calm the mind and live with joy and peace of mind.


In June 2019 she received the extraordinary D ’arte 2019 award from the D’ arte Human and Business School for her professional work in human development, and in July she was nominated for the “Top 100 Women Leaders in Spain” awards.


In 2020 she created the six-week online personal development program “I want peace in my relationships” ( and the virtual retreat “Empower your inner child and raise your self-esteem” (


She accompanies students from more than 20 Spanish-speaking countries with her online programs and teaches her programs as

a speaker at personal development centers, business schools and companies.


She is the author of the book “I want peace” (Alienta, April 2019), co-author of the book “Coronavirus. Manual to cope with the pandemic at home with children and adolescents” (Triunfa con tu libro, April 2020) and collaborator in the health section of


She is a university professor at UNIR (Edix), creator and tutor of the subject "Personal development" with Koldo Learra. Also the creator of the Podcast "Medita con Paz", number one in Spain, Uruguay and Chile. And top ten in 15 Latin American countries. Global Trending number 5.


Paz is supportive and a versatile athlete, she understands sport as a way of life. She practices diving, kitesurfing and triathlon among other sports. Her passion is triathlon, which allows her to put her body and mind to the limit in each competition. She did a long distance triathlon (popularly called “Ironman”) in July 2018.


Her motto is "Beyond happiness is peace" since living in peace with oneself and with life is the key for us to feel happy and full.

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The keys to use your mind to your advantage and succeed in life

We have a very powerful mental energy that we use every day for ourselves or against us. Knowing how to use this energy to our advantage is essential to live with abundance, fullness, joy of heart and inner peace.


Paz Calap shares a theoretical part so that the conscious mind gets the message and a practical part with NLP so that changes take place in the subconscious at that very moment in this exclusive conference for Millonario Master Minds.




40 min

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