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Co - Founder & CEO, Woonivers

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Co-founder, CEO and Executive Chairman of the board of Woonievers, the first digital solution that facilitates the refund of Tax-Free. Previously, he was co-founder and CEO of mytaxi, until it was acquired by FreeNow, the Joint Venture of BMW and Daimler. In addition to this, he is an investor and teacher, a serial entrepreneur and a Business Angel.


  • Iomob (Blockchain Mobility)

  • MadeinMöbile (Internet of Things)

  • Capaball (Machine Learning for Education)

  • Balandra Software (Artificial Intelligence) - Gartner cool Vendor Binfluencer (Machine Learning PR company)

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Woonivers offers businesses a solution to manage VAT reimbursement through the channel they want, without any additional cost or integration.

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