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Founder & CEO, Digital Coach

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Digital entrepreneur with experience in digital strategies, sales, business coaching, finance and management. I am specialized in professional education and consulting in the field of digital marketing. I have worked with more than 1000 professionals, companies and organizations throughout Europe through my consultancies, generating more than 1 million income.


I am also a Business Angel Consultant, focused on attending the main startup events in San Francisco, London, Madrid and Berlin, discovering Startups and Scaleups to invest in them.


Business trajectory:


I am the CEO of Digital Coach Spain, an ambitious internationalization project of the Italian digital business school, currently a leader in this field

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DIGITAL COACH's expertise and experience in Digital Marketing is confirmed by the fact that we are a GOOGLE PARTNER, a status that only professional web agencies can achieve by proving that they have staff that hold GOOGLE CERTIFICATIONS, continually apply all the BEST PRACTICES in online campaigns, carry out continuity and significant volumes of web marketing activities.

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