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Co - Founder, Faraday Venture Partners

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Jaime Biel Turón was born in Madrid, Spain, on January 13, 1986. He began his university studies at the School of Financial Studies (CUNEF) in 2004 where he successfully completed his degree in Business Administration and Management, as well as a degree in Right. After finishing both degrees and, continuing with the desire to continue deepening his knowledge about the field of Economics, he completed a master's degree in Austrian Economics in 2012 at the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid and later in 2018 he graduated from the Executive MBA of IESE (2 years duration) to train in the field of business management.

He began his professional career in the banking sector with a position at KPMG in 2010 and after two years decided in 2012 to start his own business. Currently, he is Co-founder of Faraday Venture Partners, a venture capital fund focused on the sale of recently created companies. From Faraday they currently manage more than 16 million euros and have more than 36 invested companies (investees).

Business trajectory:


Jaime joined Faraday about a year after it was founded by Gonzalo directly from KPMG, where he worked for almost three years in the M&A department and where he was able to forge his professional connection with Gonzalo. Faraday has given him the opportunity to combine two of his greatest passions: entrepreneurship and finance, aspects to which he was exposed since his childhood and which were instilled in him by his entrepreneurial family.


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Hobbies or fun facts you want to share (wink)


Jaime is our very own "Iron-Man" par excellence and a sports addict with a golf handicap that makes us green with envy.

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Faraday Venture Partners is a European network of Private Investor Clubs and a manager of European Venture Capital Funds.

We provide our Partners with the best investment opportunities in innovative and sustainable business initiatives in their early commercial stages.

We structure and manage your investments, enhancing the performance of your investees and defending the interests of our Partners throughout the investment cycle, in accordance with the regulation of the European authorities ( CNMV , ESMA ) that supervise us.

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