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Founder & CEO, Level Up

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Carlos Delgado Zarco is an entrepreneur, speaker, writer and expert trainer in new business models for freelancers and SMEs.


He is the founder and CEO of LEVEL UP, the most important Business School in Spain that went from zero to creating a business with 7-figure billings a year in just 4 years.


Its training has two lines, business and leadership. And the combination of both is the spark that ignites the change. They apply practical methodologies for the creation of immediate results, and high doses of motivation and energy to take action.


He has trained more than 30,000 small and medium businesses in the areas of marketing, sales, team management, innovation, leadership and digital strategy.


He dedicates all his energy and passion to making a new philosophy available to entrepreneurs, freelancers and SMEs, not only to grow as entrepreneurs, but as people.


Carlos believes in entrepreneurship and business as a channel to achieve the desired lifestyle and economic freedom, and considers that training is the only way to achieve it. He believes that one of the great evils of the business world is the lack of knowledge and since 2012 he has been disseminating understandable and applicable business strategies by any entrepreneur or businessman with a single purpose: the creation of results.


In addition, as a writer, he has presented two works: Red Pill for your Business and The Awakening of the SME.

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Conquer and convince in sales ... and in life

Every day we sell. Every day we sell ourselves. However, most people have never trained in this mix of art and skill. We will discover the mental and emotional aspects that trigger the sales processes and we will travel to the place where consumer and life decisions are really made: the heart.




30 min

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