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Regional Partner, FasterCapital


He is a businessman, entrepreneur and investor. Regional partner for Andorra of the Dubai-based virtual incubator and accelerator, FasterCapital. Professor in the master's degree in psychocreativity at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He was founder and president of AS-INNOVA (Association for the promotion of Innovation) Author of the book "Fundraising". He comes from the biotech industry and considers himself "a book geek."

For 25 years he has developed his professional activity in companies in the biotechnology industry, and has also participated in the investment drive of technology-based business projects. However, in the last seven years Huguet has transferred the experience and knowledge accumulated in technological innovation and has dedicated himself fully to the creation of innovative companies in traditional sectors, such as art and culture.


Business trajectory:


Founder of Nafree SA. Investee by La Caixa capital Risc

Founder of CBlaya & Mhuguet SL. Investee by Caja Navarra

Shareholder of BITAC MAP SL Semantic interoperability in the e-health sector

Co-founder of Lab. Starga

Founder of La Biblioteca Impossible, Andorra (Facsimil Codex SL, and The Memory of the Word SL)

Co-founder of Encyclopaedia Mundi SLC (Miami)

Co-founder of HUGUEBLA SL.

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Break the rules to "transgress", succeed and change the world

Transgression seduces investment as it breaks the rules, creates great barriers and contributes to changing the world.


“The TRANSGRESSION; without a doubt, it is initially considered the LIMIT, as the final line that surrounds the space of what is allowed within each social and professional practice. Approaching the same contours places the practitioners before the vertigo of what is beyond and before the threat of sanction if it is accessed (bad practice, interdiction, demonized). However, it will be revealed that this consideration has the structure of a true PROBLEM: it will not fail to indicate the borders of the legalized field itself, but it can only be maintained by dint of being questioned, revealing the matter that has constructed it. For this reason, this other radical face will undoubtedly be emphasized: its violation and displacement is a true and complete CONDITION within ETHICS, to base on it the progress of science, technology and social evolution” - UNESCO, bioethics committee.


For a few years now, investors and entrepreneurs have been faced with a paradox: on one hand, organized markets and the real estate sector that once offered good returns have not generated them for a long time, so there is a lot of liquidity available, on the other hand, projects in which to invest must offer good benefits but also great barriers so that others cannot copy them, with which it is necessary to innovate. Innovating is not improving what others do, innovating is breaking the rules, you have to learn to transgress as I have done and which has generated many successes for me.




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